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Duplicate Bridge: Oct. 13

The Bridge Club of Buffalo’s annual meeting takes place Sunday, Oct. 14, with a potluck lunch at 1:30 p.m. and a unit-rated game at 2:30 that’s free for club members. The club offers lunch by Jim Gullo at its 10:30 a.m. game Friday.
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The Airport Bridge Club offers double and triple-point games all week, with an 11 a.m. starting time now in effect for all regular weekday games.
Special games include a double session on Wednesday, Oct. 17, with pairs at 10 a.m. and a triple-point Swiss teams game at 1:30 p.m. offering gold points; and 36-board triple-point Swiss team games, also with gold points, from 11 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 14, and again next Saturday, Oct. 20.
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          The Buffalo Spooktacular Regional Tournament takes place Tuesday, Oct. 23, to Sunday, Oct. 28, in the Grand Island Holiday Inn, 100 Whitehaven Road at East River Road. For info, click on this link:
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          Eight Is Enough!, a team game staged annually by Western New York Unit 116, guarantees a combination of experienced and inexperienced players. Each team is allowed a maximum of eight “points” determined on the following schedule:
Players with 2000-plus points = 3.
Life masters with fewer than 2000 points = 2.
Non-life masters or fewer than 500 points = 1.
Unit 116’s next Eight Is Enough! game takes place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11, in the Bridge Center of Buffalo, 3362 Sheridan Drive, Amherst.
For partnerships and help forming teams, call Tova Reinhorn at 632-2056 (home) or 994-1582 (cell), or Dian Petrov at 688-1226 (home) or 238-2230 (cell). Their email addresses are and
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          Looking for local bridge clubs on the web?
          Bridge Center of Buffalo:
          Bridge Center Meridian
          Western New York Unit 116:
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          The Duplicate Bridge column is compiled weekly by News Staff Reporter Dale Anderson. The print version normally appears in the Life & Arts section in the Saturday edition of The Buffalo News. If it’s not in its usual place, try the Sports section. The online version contains unabridged scores and a longer list of notices. Deadline for submission of scores and notices is Tuesday night.
Email or Office phone is (716) 849-4420.
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Duplicate scores
Week of Oct. 1 to Oct. 7
ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday morning – North-south, A: Maury and Lois Tatelman, 62.70%; B: Judy Zeckhauser and Dale Anderson, 56.58%; C: Nadine Stein and Judy Kaprove, 49.02%; east-west, A/B: John Fiegl and Joanne Lafay, 61.35%; C: Nelson Torre and Gerry Hooley, 56.92%.

Airport Bridge Club Tuesday morning – North-south, A/B: Eleanor Whelan and Carlton Stone, 65.78%; C: Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 54.73%; east-west, A: John Ziemer and Vince Pesce, 58.95%; B: Adrian Figliotti and Mike Silverman, 58.80%; C: Art Schumacher and Barbara Multerer, 42.12%.

Airport Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon – Club Appreciation Pairs. North-south, Beverly Dale and Dale Anderson, 54.92%; C: Ruth Kozower and Judy Kaprove, 54.08%; east-west, A: Liz Clark and Judi Marshall, 63.92%; B/C: Barbara Multerer and Art Schumacher, 53.83%.

Airport Bridge Club Wednesday afternoon – Club Appreciation Pairs. Howell. A/B: (tie) Sandra Silverberg and Pat Kilbury, Celine Murray and Dale Anderson, 59.03%. 

Airport Bridge Club Thursday morning – Club Appreciation Pairs. North-south, A: Barbara Libby and Judi Marshall, 62.89%; Jerry Kemsley and partner, 55.89%; C: Ruth Kozower and Ed Drozen, 48.71%; east-west, A/B: John Kirsits and Ken Meier, 68.84%; C: Donna Pottle and Gina Campbell, 51.40%.

Airport Bridge Club Thursday evening – ACBL Instant Match Point Game. North-south, A/B: Mike Ryan and Howard Foster, 53.56%; C: Bob and Judy Kaprove, 51.92%; east-west, A/B/C: Paula Salamone and Miri Salamone-Burnett, 55.92%.

Airport Bridge Club Friday morning – Howell. A: Jim Mathis and Ken Meier, 64.68%; Mike Ryan and John Ziemer, 61.31%; B: Ron Helfman and Stew Brenner, 54.56%; Marian Morber and Margaret Miles, 48.81%; C: Rao Perala and Paula Salamone, 42.60%.

Airport Bridge Club Friday afternoon – Club Appreciation Teams. Swiss Teams. A/B: Bill Regan, Joyce Greenspan, Bill Boardman, Mike Silverman, 50 VPs.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday noon – Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Kathy Stamm and Jo Finton, 60.13%; Richard McGowan and Ted Kahn, 59.92%; Agi Maisel and Carla Press, 58.27%; Art “Chip” Kean and Elizabeth Young, 58.06%; Joe Miranda and Usha Khurana, 55.78%; C: Peggy Stock and Cherry Searle, 46.08%; east-west, A/B: James Tao and Sandra Silverberg, 62.31%; Maryann Szafran and Paula Rosen, 61.17%; Marilyn Shuman and Ann Torrell, 58.14%; C: Sol Messinger and Joel Brownstein, 57.58%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning – North-south, A: Gene Finton and Christy Kellogg, 57.64%; B: Fran Kurtz and Susan Bergman, 56.80%; Jill Wooldridge and Meg Klamp, 55.76%; Berta Brown and Anne Watkins, 54.28%; C: Pat Lakeman and Elaine Moon, 43.49%; east-west, A: Fred Yellen and Bud Seidenberg, 61.93%; B: Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 61.46%; C: Carol Bedell and Elaine Kurasiewicz, 50.84%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening – Howell. A: Meg  Klamp and Eugene Harvey, 60%; Chris Urbanek and Saleh Fetouh, 54%; B: (tie) Catherine Majewski and Bonnie Bryar-Elgar, Bob Olin and Ginny Panaro, 48%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday noon – Non-life masters. North-south, A: Bill Rich and Joyce Greenspan, 68.75%; B: Ron Ferguson and Sandra Laub, 55.36%; C: Don Silverberg and Bernard Schiffman, 44.05%; east-west, A/B: Sol Messinger and Jo Finton, 67.01%; C: Judith Babat and Rivona Ehrenreich, 61.57%; Dorothy and Larry Soong, 58.04%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening – ACBL Instant Match Point Game. North-south, A: Gene Finton and Dian Petrov, 62.56%; B/C: Richard Cramer-Benjamin and Jeff Bender, 50.93%; east-west, A/B: Nancy Wolstoncroft and John Ziemer, 67.37%; C: Gaurang Sheth and Gabriel Tannenbaum, 59.71%; Saleh Fetouh and David Hemmer, 58.33%; Norm St. Denis and Chris Urbanek, 54.29%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning – North-south, A/B/C: Eleanor Whelan and Carlton Stone, 61.31%; Meg Klamp and Joan Rose, 59.52%; Berta Brown and Stan Kozlowski, 55.95%; east-west, A/B: Harry Cheung and Susan Bergman, 59.82%; Bud Seidenberg and Jay Costello, 58.93%; C: Helen Panza and Ed Drozen, 49.11%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday noon – North-south, A: Stan Kozlowski and Chris Urbanek, 64.58%; B: Eileen Karnofsky and Claire Gareleck, 62.20%; C: Pat Lakeman and Helen Panza, 49.11%; east-west, A: Bob Olin and Bob Feasley, 61.90%; B/C: Shakeel Ahmad and Manju Ceylony, 56.55%; Rita Sofia and Anne Watkins, 54.76%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday morning – Bill Boardman and Ken Meier, 65.63%; Dan Clark and Dave Larcom,  60.42%; Beverly Mallon and Denise Tait, 59.72%; Jim Hoover and Phil Kader, 52.08%; Rob Hessel and Jane Larcom, 50%. 

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning – North-south, A: Meg Klamp and Judy Graf, 58.33%; B: Claire Gareleck and Elizabeth Young, 55.95%; C: Mike Mesirov and Jo Finton, 47.32%; east-west, A/B: Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 66.96%; Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 65.48%; C: Stew Brenner and Ron Helfman, 44.05%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday evening – Club Appreciation Game. Howell. A: Bill Rushmore and Art Morth, 62.89%; Bert Hargeshimer and Judy Graf, 61.7%; B: Gwilym Brick and Dan Blatz, 43.21%.

Delaware Wednesday evening – Howell. Dorothy Kumrow and Lance Pollock, 63%; Chuck Heimerl and Frank Schlehr, 58.3%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening – Howell. A: Carolyn Siracuse and Joyce Kindt, 56.5%; B: (tie)  Sushil Amlani and Jeff Bender, Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, 56%; C: Mercedes Reinbolt and John Meindl, 52%.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon – Howell. A: Elve Johnston and Kathryn Fenn, 59%; B: Connie Swick and Marge Schomers, 55%; C: Edie Moran and Anne Clancy, 53.6%.

Other clubs

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon – North-south: Bill and Jo Rich, 64%; Sam Grossman and Shirley Cassety, 57%; east-west, Diane Forrest and Joanne Zavarella, 60%; Jill and Bruce Brown, 55%.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning – Howell. Martin Schaus and Ruth Walsh, 61%; Chuck Heimerl and Marian Morber, 60%.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday – North-south, Helen Neubert and Howard Strauss, 57.1%; Eleanor Murray and Fred Nadel, 51.9%; east-west, Estelle Gafter and Esther Greene, 68.9%; Bette Seifert and Betty Bowling, 61.1%.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday – North-south, Ann Goodyear and Wilson McClaren, 55%; east-west, Elaine Wegrzyn and Alan Ohloeft, 54%.

Friday Dupliclub – Howell. Jennifer and Peter Reynolds, 68%; Angela Curtis and Sandra Mancussen, 56%.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday North-south, Lou Lombardi and Marie Lanza, 61%; east-west, Christel and Frank Bernard, 58%.

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