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Duplicate Bridge: Dec. 29

   The Airport Bridge Club will have double-point games at 11 a.m. today, Saturday, Dec. 29, and Monday, Dec. 31, plus a triple-point Swiss team game with free pizza at 11 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 30. Register in advance by calling 836-7016. The club will be open on New Year's Day. Its next individual game will be Sunday, Jan. 6.
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   Lockport Duplicate will not have a game today, Saturday, Dec. 29, or on New Year's Day, Tuesday, Jan. 1. Regular games will resume next weekend. The Bridge Center of Buffalo also will be closed on New Year's Day.
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    The Buffalo Winter Sectional Tournament will be held Friday, Jan. 25, to Sunday, Jan. 27, in the Main-Transit Fire Hall, 6777 Main St., Williamsville. The schedule includes pairs games at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Swiss teams at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.
    Chairing the tournament are Betty Metz (773-7398 or and Tova Reinhorn (632-2056 or For other info, click this link:

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2013 Tournament calendar
   Cleveland Rock ‘N Roll Regional – Wednesday, Jan. 16, to Sunday, Jan. 20. For info, click this link:
   St. Catharines, Ont., Sectional – Friday, Feb. 1, to Sunday, Feb. 3.
   Toronto Easter Regional – Tuesday, March 26, to Sunday, March 31.
   Buffalo Spring Sectional – Friday, April 19, to Sunday, April 21.
   Cleveland All-American Regional – Monday, May 21, to Sunday, May 27.
   District 5 Summer STaC – Monday, June 10, to Sunday, June 16.
   Buffalo Summer Regional – Tuesday, June 25, to Sunday, June 30.
   Syracuse Regional – Monday, July 22, to Sunday, July 28.
   Buffalo Fall Sectional – Friday, Sept. 27, to Sunday, Sept. 29.
   Niagara Falls, Ont., Regional – Tuesday, Nov. 5, to Sunday, Nov. 10.
   District 5 Winter STaC – Monday, Dec. 9, to Sunday, Dec. 15.
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Bridge Center of Buffalo:
Bridge Center Meridian
Western New York Unit 116:
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          The Duplicate Bridge column is compiled weekly by News Staff Reporter Dale Anderson. The print version normally appears in the Life & Arts section in the Saturday edition of The Buffalo News. If it’s not in its usual place, try the Sports section. The online version contains unabridged scores and a longer list of notices. Deadline for submission of scores and notices is Tuesday night.
Email or Office phone is (716) 849-4420.
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A Silver Life Master since 2011, Dale Anderson is approaching 1,500 master points. He blogs about his progress toward Gold Life Master and other bridge adventures at
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Duplicate scores
Week of Dec. 17 to Dec. 23
ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

    Airport Bridge Club Monday morning – Grass Roots Fund Game. North-south, A: Alicia Kolipinski and Mike Silverman, 56.10%; B/C: Ruth Kozower and Sandy Scheff, 51.14%; east-west, A: Paul Libby and Jerry Geiger, 62.45%; B: Martin and Barbara Pieterse, 49.76%; C: Barbara Sadkin and Joyce Greenspan, 49.30%.

    Airport Bridge Club Tuesday morning – Grass Roots Fund Game. North-south, A: Linda Vassallo and Wilson McClaren, 59.52%; B: Barbara and Martin Pieterse, 56.97%; C: Bill Boardman and Paul Zittel, 51.44%; east-west, A: Liz Clark and John Ziemer, 59.81%; B: Dorothy May and Celine Murray, 54.25%; C: Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 53.53%. December Club Series: John Ziemer, 11.5 points; Wilson McClaren, 8.5 points.

   Airport Bridge Club Wednesday morning – Grass Roots Fund Game. North-south, A: John Ziemer and Judi Marshall, 66.25%; B/C: Miri Salamone-Burnett and Paula Salamone, 55.00%; east-west, A/B/C: Barbara and Martin Pieterse, 55.83%.

    Airport Bridge Club Thursday morning – Grass Roots Fund Game. North-south, A: Jerry Geiger and Jim Mathis, 65.18%; B/C: Joe Rooney and Dave Donaldson, 52.68%; east-west, A: Paul Libby and Liz Clark, 64.58%; B: Helen Panza and Mike Silverman, 61.90%; C: Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 43.75%.

    Airport Bridge Club Friday morning – Grass Roots Fund Game. Modified Howell. A: Chuck Schorr and Martin Pieterse, 63.75%; B: Usha Khurana and Dale Anderson, 62.50%; C: Nancy Kessler and Ross Markello, 49.26%; June Feuerstein and Bill Boardman, 48.89%. 

    Airport Bridge Club Saturday morning – ACBL Membership Game. Howell. A: Harry Cheung and John Ziemer, 56.94%; B: Ruth Hnath and Dale Anderson, 56.48%; C: Ross Markello and Paula Salamone, 56.02%; Martin and Barbara Pieterse, 49.07%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday noon – Non-life masters. North-south, A: Art “Skip” Kean and Art Matthies, 61.01%; B: James McClure and Elizabeth Young, 50.30%; C: Laura Houghtaling and Jane Roberts, 46.13%; east-west, A/B/C: Janet Dimet and Sharon Wilcox, 61.01%; Elizabeth Neuner and Gail Pitterman, 58.04%; Natalie Abramson and Marjorie Plumb, 54.46%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning – North-south, A: Berta Brown and Joanne Kelley, 61.90%; B: Jim Gullo and Judy Padgug, 60.42%; C: Ed Drozen and Helen Panza, 52.68%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 61.31%; B/C: James Tao and Bob Padgug, 59.82%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening – Howell. A/B: Catherine Majewski and Bonnie Bryar-Elgar, 58.33%; David Hemmer and Saleh Fetouh, 56.55%; Bob Olin and Mary Jo Crone, 54.76%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday noon – Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Jacqueline Hanley and Janie Polk, 59.11%; Ann Coughlin and Elizabeth Young, 54.64%; C: Edna Ram and Eugene S. Nawotniak, 52.48%; east-west, A: Joyce Greenspan and Bill Rich, 66.66%; B/C: Celia Linder and Sandra Morrison, 53.72%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening – North-south, A/B: Penny and Peter Shui, 58.33%; Bert Hargesheimer and Pat Rasmus, 57.64%; C: Manju Ceylony and Shakeel Ahmad, 50.69%; east-west, A/B: Andrei and Tova Reinhorn, 53.94%; C: Eugene Giorgini and Joe Peters, 52.55%.

   Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning – North-south, A/B/C: Mary Davey-Carr and Janet Frisch, 65.51%; Stan Kozlowski and Christy Kellogg, 54.17%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Jay Costello, 60.88%; B: Sue Neubecker and Dian Petrov, 53.24%; C: Barbara Landree and Carol Bedell, 52.08%.

    Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday noon – Howell. A: Meg Klamp and Chris Urbanek, 66.25%; Bert Hargesheimer III and Christy Kellogg, 60.83%; C: Elaine Universal and Teresa Fraas, 52.08%.

   Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday morning – (tie) Joanne LaFay and Lillian Gotshall, Dan Clark and Dave Larcom, 60.42%; Bob and Joan Ciszak, 59.9%; John Fiegl and Jane Larcom, 54.17%; Paul and Linda Zittel, 53.13%.

   Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning – A: Judy Padgug and Bud Seidenberg, 65.23%; B: Ken Meier and Dorothy May, 64.79%; Michael Ryan and Howard Foster, 62.73%; C: Rita Sofia and Helen Panza, 53.54%; Sue Neubecker and Andrei Reinhorn, 52.5%.

   Bridge Club Meridian Monday evening – Home style pairs. (Tie) Bert Hargeshimer and Christy Kellogg, Art Morth and Gwilym Brick, Michael Ryan and Judy Graf, 2 wins.

   Delaware Wednesday evening – North-south, Beverly Dale and Anne O’Connor, 57.9%; Jan O’Mara and Carolyn Siracuse, 55%; east-west, Bill and Jo Rich, 62.1%; (tie) Sandy Marcussen and Alicia Kolipinski, Lance Pollock and Frank Schlehr, 52.1%.

  Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening – Howell. A: Roy Crocker and Marge Schomers, 60%; B: (tie) Joyce Kindt and Bob Lederhouse, Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, 55%; C: John Meindl and Lois Smith, 44%.

   Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon – Howell. A/B: (three-way tie) Elve Johnston and Kathy Fenn, Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, Miriam Regnet and Roy Crocker, 55.4%; C: Lois Smith and Marilyn White, 45%.

Other clubs

    Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon – North-south: Margaret  Miles and Marion Morber, 58%; Shirley Cassety and Sam Grossman, 56%; east-west, Karen Synor and Dave Stroud, 59%; Lorey Repicci and Joe Day, 55%.

   Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning – Howell. Chuck Heimerl and Marian Morber, 74%; Peg Gorham and George Mayers, 64%.

   Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday – North-south, Priscilla Bretschger and Sallie Steele, 68.6%; (tie) Adrienne and Harris Goldstein, Lil Ungerleider and Dee Schaeffer, 51.4%; east-west, Nita Ferrell and Ruth Killeen, 65.6%; (tie) Liz Schulman and Mary Blanchard, Betty Ferrick and partner, 57.2%.

   Clarence Senior Center Thursday – North-south, Judy Thielman and Kathy Borcik, 66%; east-west, Wilson McClaren and Fenton Harrison, 72%.

   Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday – North-south, Lou Lombardi and Marie Lanza, 71%; east-west. Mike Brown and Ron Fill, 55%.

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